Birthday wishes for Mahasambhodi Dharmasangha Guru, on this auspicious day.


With humbled gratitude and reverence and with the pristine blessings of all the Paramaatma’s  being showered over the world, we acknowledge this very auspicious day.

32 years ago this realm was blessed with the gift of a being so great that he would eventually suffer, so we don’t have to.  A being with such respect for animals, plants and insects alike, who has shown us this ultimate path of loving kindness, the Maitri Dharma, with pure unconditional love.

On this day, April 10th, the western world celebrates the birthday of our Lopam, Mahasambhodi Dharmasangha Guru. As we bow at his gentle lotus feet, may all beings bask in the warm, loving Maitri light that this auspicious day brings, and may all beings be liberated from suffering. May all beings reach Mukti Mokhsha.

Shaigyi Wayinkhya.